08 July 2010

The Chilldown Period - Episode Eighteen: The Summer Edition


It's that time of year when people get together, go to the beach, the river, what have you, and have a great time. A lot of us have to work, but there is always the weekend so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of this season.

I've got another show ready for you filled with almost fifty-three minutes of Summer chillin'.

We'll go from ambient, to PsyDM to jazzy lounge to trip hop to chillwave to electropop.

All in the name of Summer!

With all this talk of Summer, you probably will need a tracklisting!

Special Thanks to the newdust blog for their musical selections which helped inspire me for this show!

Check out the show here!

So here we go:

The Silent Local - Clever Flow - Quiet E.P. - babysteps - CC

The Letter Box Project - Golden Arrows - And Everything Sounds So Sublime - Never Come Down Records

Daddy Scrabble - LordDa Mercy - Thingy - Black Lantern Music - CC

Ras Amerlock - 7th Sea Dub in Twilight - 2010: A Bass Oddity - LCL - CC

EverybodyJa Prawn
"Soulja Boi" (mp3)
from "Everybody"
Buy at Napster
More On This Album

Azeda Booth - Squall - Tubtrek - 23 seconds - CC

Keyboard Rebel - My Lordship (Frozenmammoth remix) - Remix is Love - aaahh records - CC

Kreng - Paris - Zomer - CC

Just Plain Ant - BeginAgain - SeeWhatEyeSee

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