03 July 2010

A Quick Update

Hello Everyone!

I've been pretty busy in real life, and thus I've been neglecting to update the blog. I've got a few projects in mind for the upcoming week(s) with an episode of the Chilldown Period in the works for the 8th of July.

I'm thinking about upgrading my libsyn account permanently to do not only the Chilldown Period, but also the Dubstep Directive on a monthly basis. I love chillout music and dubstep... so I might as well get em both out to the public. There are so many great groups/acts/etc. out there and the word needs to be spread.

For example:

Dubtrick is an artist I feature on my soundcloud version of the Directive, and he's a producer that lays down a heavy vibe! NICE stuff that is dirty, bouncy, and danceable!

I've also been wanting to write a short article about Chillwave music. It's a genre (or sub, sub-sub genre - gosh, I can't keep up anymore) which has been gaining some traction in the music scene for about a year. It's a style which is stripped down, and "simple" (don't know how else to put it). I dig the sound, and if the rest of the music world puts it aside, come to the chillout, downtempo, trip-hop side of things - I'll find a place for you!

OOOOOOOOO! Lest I forget, we have an old friend who'll be taking over the Chilldown Period in August. It's an amazing mix which you have to hear. Sheer necessity to hear it!

And, that's it for the update. Can't wait to hear from you soon!

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