06 July 2010

Cover for Episode 18 of the Chilldown Period

We're winding up to the time for another installment of the Chilldown Period! This Episode's cover is inspired by covers done for the artist Washed Out and other chillwave bands.

I do have an article in the works for you guys which, due to my freaking wild schedule of work and sleep, will be coming soon.

The theme for Episode 18 is "Summer." We've got on tap some wonderful Summer sounds ranging from hip-hop to trip-hop to jazz to chillwave to ambience. It is going to be one heckuva treat!

Before we get to the show, I want to give a big thanks to all the artists who have allowed me to play their music!

So, pull up your lounge chairs and get some sunscreen on because we're doing summer right!

We've been having a pretty cool (some would call it cold) Summer around here, hence why no one is at the lake in this part of the picture.

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