21 January 2011

Check out Cool 2 Die on soundcloud!

C2d - Cloudy(demo) by Cool2die

I came in contact with Cool 2 Die a while back for one of my shows. He's always kept me up to date on his work and it's always a welcoming site when I see something in my inbox letting me know that he's been back to the drawing board.

He's mixing dubstep and hip-hop in to a new monstrous hybrid which will get you moving in so many ways. He'll at times stay true to dubstep principles, then throw you into some crunk mash, and then tease you with a bit of chillstep.

Here's some more Cool 2 Die to keep your interests up!

Cool2die - Ace(DEMO) by Cool2die

Cool2die - Once you find, Once you lose(DEMO) by Cool2die

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