20 January 2011

Dubstep Directive - Storm

Welcome to the Storm mix of the Dubstep Directive!

We've got just over an hour of nice stompin' ahead of us and you can get your copy here.

Also, thanks to Cool 2 Die for allowing me to put the mix up on his soundcloud site as well!

I hope you all enjoy the show, and we'll get to the tracklisting right now:

Vapah - Black Hole

Vivsy Boi - Gettin' Aggy (2009)

Alert - Son of Monstro

Virion - devil inside - CC

ODEA - Tuko

Oblivi0n feat. Riley - Insomniac

Echo Company - Mosquito - Monkey Dub

Crayola - Automaton Rule

NOME - Violence

Catalyst - Kraken

Pake - My World Bass - Galaxi City - HD Music - CC

LMK - Kripi - HD Music - CC

Wikum - Rationalization

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