14 November 2011

The Chilldown Period - Episode 33 Take me back to North Carolina

I didn't realize how many towns/cities from North Carolina were related to my show until after I had created this episode of the Chilldown Period: Raleigh, Greenville, Southern Shores, (Scott, Lotus/Locust), and I found something to related to nearly every group on the show to something in the Old North State.

Ah, the memories.

Well, with the memories come connections, with connections I've come up with songs, and from memories and connections we have a Podcast.

Without further ado:

The Tracklisting!

mist glider - The Ocean is Alive

Southern Shores - Bonfire - Cascine.us - debut album to come out soon

Watered LawnRaleigh Moncrief
"Lament For Morning" (mp3)
from "Watered Lawn"
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"Hours" (mp3)
from "Dive"
(Ghostly International)
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Christopher D Howard - Sleep Paralysis

"Backlight Sunflare" (mp3)
from "Lotus"
(SCI Fidelity Records)
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The Suburbs EPGreenville Massive feat. Kat Boelskov
"Everything (feat. Kat Boelskov)" (mp3)
from "The Suburbs EP"
(Soul Sheep Music)
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Eliphino - Devoted - More than Me EP - somethinksounds

Glorious DystopiaGreat Scott featuring Royal Sapien
"My Sashimi" (mp3)
from "Glorious Dystopia"
(Muti Music)
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Moth Equals - Cut it out

GEM - Lady Dark

Conspiracist. - Chief Kamanawana

Artemis - Easy - Auralei

Messages From The FutureSarah Linhares
"Sarinha" (mp3)
from "Messages From The Future"
(Public Transit Recordings)
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Still Blue Still Turning - These are a Voice - American Artist

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