28 November 2011

Dubstep Directive - Heavy Metal

You are gonna need a neck brace for this episode of the Dubstep Directive! It is an hour of headbanging, backbreaking, bonesplitting, and earbleeding music.

Oh. My. Goodness!

This is just shear madness!

I hope you get ready for this massive backbreaker of a podcast!

Let's get away from the words and get to the tracklisting!


Illish - Catalyze

Kannista - My Name is Curse - Plexus

Evil Analog - Killin' Machine

Chaosphere - Power Trip

River Accorsi - Prime X - Dirty Records

TerrorHate - Grind Saw

Vortek - Walk With Me

Lone Wolf - Let them Bleed - Let them Bleed EP - Bloodied Blade

DJ Krankhoff - Don't Make Him Angry

Stephen Walking - Orpheus, Father of Songs - Seven Sages

Demented Dimensions - The Special One - 2012:The End

Big Boss - Killstreak

The Algorithm - Isometry 1.1 - Identity

Mythaga - Envy

Conway - Metal Kids

Deflate & CO - Soundtrack of Ghosts

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