18 February 2012

Zoe.Leela - Digital Guilt

I know it is bad form to apologize for something upfront,but my thoughts going into this review are nonlinear. This is going to be scattered and do not let that deter you from listening to this album.

Zoe.Leela has shown me quite a bit with this release. Digital Guilt is a fine example of how
one can progress from release to release. I have enjoyed the other pieces which she has put out and I feel this is just the next leap in her progression.

And just because it is an electronic release doesn’t mean it’s just a simple dance record. This record goes from clash to purple(?) to crunk/hyphy to dubstep to trip-hop to glitch to r&b to midtempo fun. The beats help create a catalyst for the message of this album.

Which leads me to my next point: Digital Guilt is more than just beats and production.

It is also about content and emotion.

You can hear pain and fear from Zoe’s lyrics. You can hear power and perception from Zoe’s lyrics. You can hear love and vulnerability from Zoe’s lyrics. You can hear playfulness and joy from Zoe’s lyrics… and her voice.

She matches the power of her voice to the situation and production. There is delicacy, there is slyness, and there is the line-in-the-sand feel to certain suites.

This mix of production, lyrics and voice helps create the experience of what this release is, and Zoe.Leela through this album is bringing her Queendom to your auditory existence.

She shows she is more than just a terrific voice.

Zoe proves she is power.

Zoe proves that she is.

Check out her website at ZoeLeela.com
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