20 February 2010

Cover for Episode Thirteen of the Chilldown Period

I was travelling around the Idaho countryside this past week and came across one of my favorite scenes in this area. It was delightfully cloudy and they brought out the beauty of this old granary. I used to go by this area five times a week, and for one season working around here we'd have to fill up the vans at the gas station next to this place.

One word to describe this podcast is flow. It's almost a darn shame I have to speak during this episode, but I'll do as I usually do by giving you information about the artists I will feature this next month.

I hope you all will enjoy!

Also, if you've noticed, I've changed the main banner for the blog. I was travelling around Jackson Hole, WY on the same day I snapped this cover picture and the mountains were just too good to not take pictures of. The picture up top is from the moving truck I was in - so I got lucky.

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