09 February 2010

Outputmessage - Autonomous || 9 February 2010

If you haven't heard of Outputmessage, then you ought to reconsider! Producer, singer, DJ, and runner (?) of the label Output Noise has thrown together one floor stomping good record. (Here's an overview of the album found on ON's website - and I promise I did not read their review before I wrote my overview. This is how the album "reads" to me!)

Here is how I describe his latest release (and first full length release both electronically and in hard copy from ON) Autonomous: Upbeat, positive synth-house.

Remember, I'm good at making up my own genre labels!

The album starts out at full speed with the instrumental "Prelude", and relentlessly refuses to relinquish its resolve until the record releases the ghost (i.e. ends).

It keeps its stride as Bernard breaks out the vocals in "Get Away", which is a one of many self-reflective pieces. It speaks of personal revelation by leaving a tough situation and creating your own path despite the ruins of what has happened. It is the understanding that the games others play will keep you entangled until you realize this isn't where you want to be.

Acknowledgement is the first step to healing and Outputmessage keeps on the path open with "N.Y.R.". The reflections continue with words winding their way through the epiphany that you have to put forth effort to make relationships work. The thread is defined in the face of a possible breaking up and making the resolution to do what ever it takes to make things work.

Goal setting helps you follow through on the acknowledging of what has happened and how to make things work. Then there is the part where you fall down after trying so hard and realizing you have to "get up and try again". "Resurface" is the tale of putting forth your all, messing up, getting frustrated at what has happened and accomplishing what you need to do make things right. Sometimes you've got to prove people right by get up and trying again. I've heard a Japanese proverb which states, "Fall down seven times, Stand up eight," even if it is to walk away from a situation... you've got to do it!

Then a familiar sound will grace your ears: "I Remember" featuring City Rain. The memory of a lost love which will not leave and the recognition of why they left. The lyrics continue on reflecting the determination of not making the same mistakes with future love.

This determination coupled with goal setting, coupled with the IDM influx, continues on "Follow". Here is the desire and the determination to do things on your own "following your heart" to realize the goals you have set.

Then "Tuesday" comes. That's the name of the next track. Of course the day Tuesday will come, but... oh, nevermind.

You'd better make sure you have some good soles on your shoes or you're gonna stomp so much you'll bruise yourself. The pulsating beats and synths with frantic keys in the background cross into "house" themes making this one danceable tune.

Next comes "Glintz" and the call for help when everything has crashed around you. In the pleadings it's asked "will you be there?" even after all of your friends have left you. It's the need for someone who is willing to see through all the mess and keep their promise to be by your side. "There's a glint in your eye that lets me know that everything will be alright." When you go through change and a determination to go forward, it is always good, nigh unto necessary, to have someone whom you can rely on through all the tough times which sometime accompany progress.

"Undone" - this trippy little ditty, at least to me, is the frustration of confronting someone to find out why they're hurt and the nerves coming from wanting and needing to apologize. Also, through the finding process, there are the setting of limits on what needs to be done and what part you will take in the reconciliation process. There's a call for growth and avoidance of regression. I'm probably wrong on this one...

Then the relationship meme continues with "Foreign". Speaking from personal experience, I know what it's like to actually fine someone you feel you can trust with your feelings, or have someone there who's dedicated to you despite all of your faults and short comings, and when it seems like everyone else has left you and they're still there to be by your side. They actually care for you that much to actually like you and want to be with you. This new, weird feeling is almost unnerving! I can related to the name of this song and what it entails. This all culminates in the song "My Love" which goes through the ups and downs of relationships and the need to fight through the frustrations that at times accompany them.

"Syracuse" is the final piece to this twelve song puzzle. The final plea of coming back together and trying to work things out before you grow apart from each other and the relationship not happening ever again.

Outputmessage doesn't let up much on the thumping and bumping despite the themes found on this record. What better way to reinforce a message than through happy, housey beats.

My final recommendation is to get this album. The positive vibe and the toe-tapping nature of it all is worth it. I truly do recommend it!

Plus - I got some intel that there is going to be a song from "Autonomous" on the next episode of the Chilldown Period.

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