31 March 2010

The Chilldown Period - Episode Fourteen - A Tale From Alpha to Omega

It is time! Moshi Kamachi from KingDUB-community.com approached me back in February, I believe, and asked if he could do a mix for the Chilldown Period. I am glad he did, because for this episode Moshi is bringing the DUB.

One hour of straight up, chilled out, one love dub straight to your ears.

I'm proud to present, without any interruptions from me to keep this mix in its purest form, A Tale for Alpha to Omega: Ziontifik Dub by the one, the only Moshi Kamachi! Send him all the love you can over at KingDUB-community.com or at twitter.com/Herald_DUB.

I hope this will be a regular billing here at the Chilldown Period.

(Also, that's a WICKED cover... toldja it was worth the wait)

ZIONtifiK MIX By Moshi Kamachi

Set Produced in Paris @ ZION I Studio for:

# Gandhi's spiritual message as music
# Peter Tosh - Intro
# him - tradition
# s.e.t.i. - string theory
# sub dub - monuments on earth
# scarab - death and resurrection in the king's chamber
# Denja - Cosmic Skank
# dj - pleasure ruin dub
# spectre - al qaida (the bass)
# twilight circus - valley dub
# How To Time Travel.mp3
# spectre - al qaida (the bass)
# Before Time and Space.mp3
# twilight circus - valley dub
# Mahatma Gandhi _ Audio _ Spiritual Message (On God), 1931
# unitone hifi - guiding star [immersed hifi]
# South3rn - Fully Loaded
# Mission of Art.mp3
# Carl Sagan - God, the Universe, & Everything Else
# South3rn - Mangione Tribe Dub
# DZ feat. Awaken Lion - Chalice Dub
# peter tosh - legalize it [east coast mix]
# Eek A Mouse - Ganja smuggling

Old on to your Dreams...
Give Thx for Listening.
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