23 March 2010

Timeline for April

So, you've heard me tell tale that April is going to be a big month of podcasts from me.

Well, you're right!

April 1 - King Dub is taking over the Chilldown Period with a nice, tight dub mix to start off the month of Showers. The cover is awesome and you have to wait to get at it!

April 8 - Dubstep Directive - ooooo, bass, wobbles, thumping, and speaker shaking! I've been working on this mix since January and I hope you truly enjoy. This is my first attempt at this so I'll need all the feedback I can get.

Here's a taste of what you can expect (I found this little gem on IODAPromonet)

The End by 6Blocc

April 22 - The Chilldown Period Episode 15* - I get back into the swing of things with another chillout mix.

See, one great month of music ahead!

*sorry, I had to use my toes to count tonight, and with that sixth toe on one of my feet it throws me off. (I actually don't have six toes on one foot... lame attempt at humor)

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